PacStar wins Marine Corps networking contract

PacStar has been awarded a $10 million Marine Corps network contract.

Under the contract, PacStar will provide its PacStar 400-Series networking and communications products to support the Marine Corps’ Networking On-The-Move (NOTM) program.

“PacStar 400-Series modules include secure, enterprise-class networking and security capabilities from Cisco, designed and engineered by PacStar into modules ideal for both vehicle-mounted and command post use,” according to a company news release.

“NOTM will install PacStar 400-Series equipment into a wide array of tactical ground vehicles including MRAP-ATV, HMMWV, and Amphibious Assault Vehicles. And unlike traditional vehicle mounted-communications, the PacStar modules may be quickly and easily dismounted and used in command posts, without the use of tools.”

The PacStar 400 modules will also support communications on the Point of Presence Vehicle Kit (POP) and Staff Vehicle Kit (SV Kit), thus enabling access to the SIPRnet, NIPRnet and mission specific networks.

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