SpaceX foils a Russian attack, the U.S. Army awards a massive helicopter contract and the Pentagon suspends F-35 deliveries: Here are the top stories from the year. (And click here to see what made the 2021 list!)

SpaceX shut down a Russian electromagnetic warfare attack in Ukraine last month — and the Pentagon is taking notes

“The next day, Starlink had slung a line of code and fixed it,” said Pentagon electronic warfare director Dave Tremper. “And how they did that was eye-watering to me.” Read more here.

US Army makes largest helicopter award in 40 years

The Army has selected who will build its Future Long Range Assault Aircraft to replace the iconic Black Hawk helicopter. Read more here.

Britain’s Royal Air Force chief says drone swarms ready to crack enemy defenses

The conundrum of overcoming enemy air defenses is on display in Ukraine, where Ukrainian and Russian air-defense capabilities are effectively canceling out the other side’s air power arsenal. Read more here.

Is China using snap military drills to conceal an aircraft recovery effort?

Taiwan has said a Chinese military plane crashed into the South China Sea in early March, with Beijing appearing to hide its rescue and recovery effort under the guise of a snap military drill. Read more here.

US Special Operations Command chooses L3Harris’ Sky Warden for Armed Overwatch effort

Air Force Special Operations Command hopes its Armed Overwatch plane will be able to pressure violent extremist groups in austere places like Africa, where the airspace is largely permissive. Read more here.

Ukraine-bound NASAMS are in US hands now: Raytheon

Raytheon Technologies has delivered two sophisticated National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems due for Ukraine to the United States government, its chief executive said. Read more here.

China, South Korea clash over THAAD anti-missile system

The differences between South Korea and China underscored a reemerging rift between the countries just a day after their top diplomats met in eastern China and expressed hope that the issue wouldn’t become a “stumbling stone” in relations. Read more here.

Bulgaria, Russia clash over Ukrainian helicopter repairs

Bulgaria had previously agreed to repair Ukrainian military equipment at its military factories, although it refused to send weapons directly. Read more here.

Pentagon suspends F-35 deliveries over Chinese alloy in magnet

The F-35 Joint Program Office says the magnet made with Chinese materials does not transmit information or put the plane at risk. Read more here.

Shooting farther with more punch: The US Army finally found an M4 and SAW replacement

Soldiers, special operators and Marines will carry a first-of-its kind rifle and light machine gun. Read more here.

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