Electronic Warfare

L3Harris selected for F-16 electronic warfare protection system

WASHINGTON — L3Harris announced Monday that it will design a new electronic warfare suite for F-16s sold to international partners.

Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Air Force selected the company for its Viper Shield, L3Harris said in its announcement. The system provides “a virtual electronic shield around the aircraft,” said Ted Damaskinos, vice president and general manager of L3Harris electronic defense solutions.

Aircraft must navigate increasingly complex environments with a multitude of radars and missiles. L3Harris’ system allows a greater level of situational awareness, Damaskinos told C4ISRNET, noting it can detect threats, parse through all the electromagnetic noise and even conduct active countermeasures against those threats.

It allows aircraft to penetrate so-called standoff areas where radars and missiles can detect incoming aircraft from farther way than the aircraft’s weapons can shoot. This will allow partner nations to work with U.S. counterparts on missions.

Damaskinos said the system is being solely designed for the F-16 Viper, which is designed for foreign military sales.

Over a dozen nations in the Middle East, Asia and Europe plan to fly the aircraft, L3Harris said.

L3Harris is finalizing the design with Lockheed and the Air Force, with a production contract to follow.

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