Harris Corp., a Florida-based defense contractor, has been awarded a fixed-price-incentive-firm contract modification worth as much as $400 million from the Air Force for the production of a electronic warfare system to sell overseas.

The modification means the total cost of the contract will increase from $91 million to about $491 million.

Harris produces Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite (AIDEWS). AIDEWS is an electronic warfare system that provides tools such as radar warning and radio frequency countermeasures capability, either internally or through an externally attached pod, to jets.

The contact provides for the production of the AN/ALQ-211 (V) 4/8/9 AIDEWS systems, software, and support equipment. The contract also provides for the countermeasures dispensing systems AN/ALE-47 and ALE-47 threat adaptive countermeasure dispensing systems, which protect from air-to-air and surface-to-air heat-seeking missiles.

The work will take place in New Jersey.

Harris’ 2016 contract was to supply AIDEWS systems and support equipment to the Royal Moroccan Air Force.

Maddy is a senior at George Washington University studying economics.

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