A decoy is only as good as its first impression. The BriteCloud is an ejectable canister designed to confuse missiles into thinking it is a plane, instead. The original BriteCloud was designed exclusively for fighter jets, and is used by the Royal Air Force onboard its Tornado strike aircraft. A decoy made to mask the appearance of a fighter will struggle to conceal a larger plane, so today BriteCloud maker Leonardo announced a new decoy for other planes that see combat: transports.

From Leonardo:

Larger aircraft require a more powerful decoy in order to mask the larger radar return that they produce. BriteCloud 55-T has been developed to address this by generating a much more powerful ‘ghost’ radar signature, drawing even advanced radar-guided threats away from the transport aircraft. The same size as BriteCloud 55, the 55-T variant will be able to fit into an aircraft’s standard 55mm chaff and flare dispenser, or fitted to a square format dispenser using an adapter magazine, with no further integration work required.

It’s built for planes including Leonardo’s C27-J, Lockheed’s C-130 series, Embraer KC-390, and the Airbus A400M, and designed specifically to thwart radar-guided missiles. Leonardo debuted the new missile decoy at the Electronic Warfare Europe conference this week in Lausanne, Switzerland. The decoys are built around Digital RF Memory, and can be reprogrammed to match threats as they emerge.