Update: Several solicitation dates and dollar figures have been updated to reflect the latest state of these contracts.

WASHINGTON — Software and data specialist Deltek, which keeps tabs on major government contracting programs, has created a list of the largest competitive opportunities emerging next year among defense agencies.

Some contracts have incumbent prime contractors; others pull together existing deals to create a larger one. But all are expected to release solicitations in FY23, with awards to follow.

1. Medical Q Coded Support and Services Next Generation

Description: This contract will provide supplemental medical staffing, medical support services and contract management to military treatment facilities throughout the United States.

Government lead: Defense Health Agency

Data of solicitation release: Nov. 15, 2022

Proposals due: Jan. 30, 2023

Anticipated value: $44 billion

2. Contract Field Team Program

Description: This program is meant to provide contract field teams who can modify, maintain, inspect and repair systems ranging from aircraft to missile systems to subsystems like engines. The government is considering 10 large and 10 small contractors.

Government lead: Air Force

Expected solicitation date: June 2023

Anticipated value: $8 billion

3. Mission Partner Environment Program

Description: This contract is expected to provide worldwide information sharing capability to help the Pentagon and its partners work together. This IT initiative consolidates more than 70 contracts.

Government lead: Air Force

Expected solicitation date: May 2023

Anticipated value: $10 billion

4. Common Hardware Systems 6th Generation

Description: This deal is meant to help the Army and other Defense Department organizations acquire simplified C5ISR tech. It’s focused on commercial IT hardware and services; General Dynamics Mission Systems has been the incumbent for decades.

Government lead: Army

Date of solicitation release: Oct. 7, 2022

Proposals submitted: Nov. 22, 2022 (currently under protest)

Anticipated value: $7.9 billion

5. Defense Logistics Agency J6 Enterprise Technology Services

Description: This program, dubbed JETS 2.0, provides IT support to the Pentagon and the Defense Logistics Agency, including to DLA program executive officers and DLA’s information operations enterprise.

Government lead: Defense Department

Expected solicitation date: March 2023

Anticipated value: $6 billion

6. Warfighter Training Readiness Solutions

Description: This initiative was previously known as the Army Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations, or TADDS, maintenance program. Lockheed Martin is the incumbent.

Government lead: Army

Expected solicitation date: September 2023

Anticipated value: $5 billion

7. Missile Defense Agency Integration and Operations for Enterprise Solutions

Description: This program will focus on a broad range of areas, from research and development IT services to mission operations to systems engineering. It is a follow-on to a contract held by Jacobs Engineering, but the scope of this effort will be different.

Government lead: Defense Department

Expected solicitation date: August 2023

Anticipated value: $4.6 billion

Marjorie Censer is the editor of Defense News. She was previously editor of Inside Defense. She has also worked as the defense editor at Politico, as well as a staff writer at the Washington Post, the Carroll County Times and the Princeton Packet.

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