References to “Star Wars” ― the movie, not the missile defense system ― apparently are not embraced by the Pentagon brass when it comes to official memos.

That’s what Deputy Defense Secretary Pay Shanahan found out earlier this month. In a Jan. 4 memo, Bloomberg reports that Shanahan was perhaps a little more creative in describing some of the program’s features than what the bureaucracy is used to.

Shanahan’s memo announced a new “Central Cloud Computing Program Office” (C3PO) to “acquire the Joint Enterprise Defense Intrastructure (JEDI) Cloud.” He goes on to note that “C3PO is authorized to obligate funds as necessary in support of the JEDI Cloud,” according to Bloomberg.

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The memo was recinded about an hour after its release. A new memo made public later renamed C3PO as the “Cloud Computing Program Manager” and deleted references to the JEDI Cloud.

What happened to the “Star Wars” references? Apparently the Force wasn’t with them (sorry, had to make at least one “Force” reference).

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