GPS receives 'major software upgrade'

Lockheed Martin has completed an upgrade of the ground control system of the Air Force's GPS satellites.

The Commercial Off-the-Shelf Upgrade #2 (CUP2) became operational in October for the current 31 GPS IIR, IIR-M and IIF satellites, according to a Lockheed Martin news release. The upgrade is part of the Architecture Evolution Plan (AEP) to modernize GPS command and control.

"Under CUP2, Lockheed Martin and the Air Force installed modern commercial hardware and a major software upgrade that enhances the system's ability to protect data and infrastructure from cyber threats, as well as improves its overall sustainability and operability," said Vinny Sica, vice president of mission solutions for Lockheed Martin. "Continued modernization and cyber-hardening of the GPS control system is vitally important to the sustainment of navigation services for our military and all global GPS users."

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