Harrier gets ViaSat terminals

ViaSat has received a $20 million Boeing contract to provide tactical terminals, or STT, for U.S. Marine Corps and foreign AV-8B Harrier jets.

Under the contract, ViaSat will provide its KOR-24A small tactical terminals.

"The STT was competitively selected as providing the best value to Boeing and its U.S. Government customer based upon its capability, product maturity and proven reliability as the only small form factor Link 16 and Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) capable aviation terminal fielded in the world," a ViaSat news release said. "The STT will enable the USMC's Harriers to better coordinate their activities with other U.S. and allied aircraft as well as with U.S. and allied ground forces using both Link 16 and SRW networks in order to more rapidly engage enemy targets and to do so with reduced risk of fratricide or collateral damage."

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