General Dynamics Mission Systems has been awarded a contract modification to improve high-frequency communications for Navy digital radios.

The company will upgrade the Navy's four-channel, AN/USC-61(C) digital modular radios (DMR).

"The 3G High-frequency 3rd Generation Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) increases transmission rates from radio to radio by 24 percent and reduces static and other noises that hinder clear, crisp voice communications quality," a company news release said. "It also improves communications among U.S. and coalition forces and can supplement satellite communications (SATCOM) when SATCOM networks are overloaded or unavailable."

"This improved HF capability gives sailors and their commanders a communications advantage with improved communications reliability and higher data capacity, particularly when beyond line of sight networks are unavailable," according to the company's vice president for radio products, Paul Parent. "DMR also provides a more effective alternative to satellite communications in locations where satellite connectivity or capacity is limited or unavailable."