NSA certifies ViaSat security-on-a-chip system

The National Security Agency has certified ViaSat's KOV-55 Security-System-on-a-Chip for secure tactical communications.

The certification covers secure voice and data for the Multifunctional Information Distribution System Low-Volume Terminals (MIDS LVT) operating over a Link 16 network, according to a ViaSat news release. "This is the first certification of its kind, paving the way for Link 16 crypto modernization to enable secure interoperability with legacy and future combat networking waveforms," ViaSat said.

"ViaSat's programmable Security-System-on-a-Chip delivers more than just a crypto engine, it provides an entire cryptographic system that includes key management, memory, power conditioning, IP optimization, zeroization, trusted bypass and control," said Jerry Goodwin, ViaSat's vice president of secure networking systems.

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