BAE has been awarded a $3.2 million DARPA contract to develop jam-resistant communications.

The contract, part of DARPA's Communications in Contested Environments (C2E) program, is aimed at developing jam-resistant network communications. BAE will develop a new open system architecture (OSA) for the first phase of the project, according to a BAE announcement.

"BAE Systems will develop an OSA that is designed to allow new and more effective communications platforms to support allied forces in highly contested environments," the company said. "The OSA will be required to support ongoing, evolutionary technology upgrades to match application demands and changing adversary threats."

C2E will also explore heterogeneous networking capability to improve pervasive services while accommodating legacy platform capabilities, as well as improved flexibility in adapting third party technology and rapidly upgrading capability.

"With our role in the C2E program, we're not only addressing technological threats that we anticipate our adversaries will use tomorrow, we're looking decades into the future and building a system that can adapt and flex to support a high level of change and advancement in the years ahead," said BAE business development director Michael Beltrani.