Maj. Gen. John Morrison has been selected as the next chief of staff at U.S. Cyber Command, according to a March 21 announcement from the Department of Defense.

Currently, Morrison is the commanding general of Fort Gordon and the Army’s Cyber Center of Excellence. In this role, Morrison has overseen the development of new doctrine and capabilities for the Army in the cyber and electronic warfare domains.

The Army has been making a rapid series of changes to stay ahead of threats (in the cyber domain) and catch up to others (in electronic warfare).

“When it comes to electronic warfare, we are outgunned … We are plain outgunned by peer and near-peer competitors,” he said in 2017.

Under Morrison’s leadership, the Army developed a new approach it calls cyberspace and electromagnetic activities (CEMA), fusing cyber and electronic warfare capabilities at the tactical and operational level of war. He also oversaw the first CEMA field manual, formally known as FM 3-12.

Brig. Gen. Neil Hersey, the commandant of the cyber school at Fort Gordon, will take Morrison’s position in Augusta.

Mark Pomerleau is a reporter for C4ISRNET, covering information warfare and cyberspace.