DARPA wants to know who can do what when it comes to cyber research.

The agency wants to compile an up-to-date list of companies capable of participating in research projects in cyberspace operations (CSO). “Often, these projects are classified and can only be solicited from a limited number of sources,” noted the FedBizOps request for information. “DARPA must maintain up-to-date knowledge about potential performers to maximize the number of sources that can be solicited for classified, highly specialized, CSO R&D initiatives.”

“Ideally, respondents will include both potential performers currently holding security clearances and those who may be granted clearances based on technical capabilities and eligibility,” DARPA said.

Interested parties should submit a white paper that includes a list of their personnel with CSO experiences, any security clearances those employees have, and a narrative description of their relevant skills. Companies should also list any relevant facilities, including secure areas.

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