The Defense Information Systems Agency is moving a series of guides to help improve cybersecurity for government and commercial organizations to a new address:

The agency announced the move in a May 23 press release.

These guides, known as Security Requirements Guides and Security Technology Implementation Guides, help government and commercial organizations to protect Department of Defense information systems and software. They are non-product specific requirements used to mitigate common security vulnerabilities, as well as implementable compendiums of Information Assurance (IA) controls, security regulations and best practices.

The guides, which number more than 350, are created from Control Correlation Identifiers and help break down high-level security information to be used in low-level security settings.

There is also a new collaboration portal,, to allow subject matter experts to discuss which standards apply to which mission partners.

These portals, as well as the DoD Cyber Exchange portal at, are restricted to individuals with Common Access Cards, which are issued by the DoD.

The guides, which have been in use since 1998, were previously housed on the Information Assurance Support Environment (IASE) portal that will no longer be updated.

Kelsey Reichmann is a general assignment editorial fellow supporting Defense News, Fifth Domain, C4ISRNET and Federal Times. She attended California State University.

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