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  1. The Textron AirLand Scorpion taxis at National Airport, just outside Washington, ahead of the Air Force Association's national conference. Textron

    Textron brings Scorpion ISR plane to D.C.

    The company set up its own mini-convention as a companion to the Air Force Association's Air & Space Conference.

    • 3:44 PM
  2. Many mobile users will sacrfice security for convenience, survey shows. Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Convenience trumps security for many mobile users

    Survey shows one-third of employees have mobile devices used exclusively for work.

    • 2:53 PM
  3. DARPA researches a dust solution

    Sensors would allow pilots to see through dust clouds

    • 3:17 PM
  4. 3D modeling artist Ryan Gilley displays some of the products he designed and printed using advanced manufacturing techniques at the Rapid Technologies Branch, US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center. DoD's developing acquisition strategy will put a new emphasis on innovation. Army

    Pentagon unveils draft of new R&D strategy

    DoD awaits opinions from industry and Congress on a call for renewed focus on innovation.

    • 3:37 PM
  5. The MQ-4C Triton an unmanned jet built for Navy high-altitude maritime surveillance missions approaches the runway at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, after completing its inaugural cross-country flight from California.

    Triton makes first transcontinental flight

    The Navy's MQ-4C Triton UAV has conducted its first transcontinental flight.

    • 4:11 PM
  6. Leidos teams up with XTAR for ISR aircraft

    XTAR and Leidos are teaming up to support testing of manned ISR aircraft.

    • Sep 19, 2014
  7. Integrating information systems is important, but not always easy. Navy

    A new solution for stovepipes

    The enterprise integrator may be crucial missing link between agency managers and systems integrators.

    • Sep 19, 2014
  8. Lockheed Martin will upgrade Marine Corps battle management systems

    Upgrades will bring faster access to real-time operations information, better planning and collaboration tools, and enhanced situational awareness.

    • Sep 18, 2014
  9. ViaSat reports brisk orders for satellite terminal

    The yet-to-be-released technology has received more than 3,000 advance orders.

    • Sep 18, 2014
  10. Maj. Gen. Tom Masiello, US Air Force Research Laboratory commander, speaks Tuesday during the Air Force Association's Air & Space Conference. Rob Curtis/Staff

    AFRL Commander: 'Digital Teammates' will support a shrinking force

    Machines will not entirely replace wingmen in the future Air Force, but Maj. Gen. Thomas Masiello believes they will take on increasingly important roles.

    • 4:11 PM
  11. A conceptual image of the launch of the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP). NET Solutions Image/Air Force Research Lab

    Air Force expects to test counter-electronics missile in 2016

    The weapon will be precise enough to shut down electronics in a building while leaving surrounding structures unaffected.

    • Sep 18, 2014
  12. 21 win $7.2 billion INSCOM contract for intel

    Ten small businesses and 11 larger firms will compete for intelligence-related task orders.

    • Sep 18, 2014
  13. QinetiQ, Autonomous Surface Vehicles to offer unmanned target ships

    The unmanned craft simulate small-boat threats for training exercises as part of QinetiQ's Marine Surface Target Service.

    • Sep 17, 2014
  14. Air Force awards contract for wideband tactical radios

    Up to 1,500 Harris Corporation Falcon III radios to fly into Air Force Special Operations Command hands

    • Sep 17, 2014
  15. Gen. Michael Hostage: The still-hypothetical combat cloud has requirements that civilian cloud environments cannot provide. Rob Curtis/Staff

    Air Force looking to combat cloud for future operations

    A program may still be years away, but the need is urgent.

    • 1:25 PM
  16. DARPA seeks infrared imagery tools

    The Navy will use technology to automate the interpretation of the images.

    • Sep 17, 2014
  17. Mercury wins jammers contract

    Mercury Systems has been awarded a $2 million U.S. Navy contract to provide Digital RF Memory (DRFM) jammers.

    • Sep 16, 2014
  18. QinetiQ releases airborne intel systems

    QinetiQ has released a new line of airborne communications intelligence systems.

    • Sep 16, 2014
  19.  Army

    Agile and deadly: Vision for the future US Army combat vehicle

    Future soldiers could be riding in a lightweight, agile, easy-to-deploy platform ripped straight from the pages of a graphic novel.

    • Sep 17, 2014
  20. Harris gets manpack radio order

    The order, of unspecified size, is for the RF-340M.

    • Sep 15, 2014
  21. DoD has apparently rescinded the memo that designated DISA the department's 'cloud broker.' David Smith

    DoD rescinds DISA cloud-broker memo

    The move is apparently part of a broader revision of the department's cloud strategy.

    • Sep 16, 2014
  22. Iran to conduct unmanned-system wargames

    General warns against US action.

    • Sep 15, 2014
  23. Speaking at Association of the United States Army breakfast, Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon, head of U.S. Cyber Command, said that to keep pace with rapid changes in the cyber domain, the military needs 'a much tighter relationship between industry and government.'

    Army cyber chief urges stronger industry ties

    A central clearinghouse for industry to access the service's cyber requirements is in the works.

    • Sep 15, 2014
  24. The decoy technology that Air Force and Navy have requested will protect C-130 planes from missiles. Air Force

    Air Force, Navy award contract for missile decoy

    Alloy Surfaces Co. will manufacture the decoy, which protects aircraft from missiles.

    • Sep 12, 2014
  25. Lockheed Martin to aid Australia in data center consoldation

    Australian Department of Defence seeks data-center drop from 280 to 14.

    • Sep 12, 2014
  26. Air Force seeks SIGINT automation

    AFRL project to explore new ideas for identifying signals of interest.

    • Sep 12, 2014
  27. DoD takes a new view of risk management

    The growing interconnectedness of operations calls for reimagining methods.

    • Sep 18, 2014
  28. DISA begins JIE-related migration

    The move to JRSS is designed to create a collaborative environment rather than 'individual pockets of excellence.'

    • Sep 12, 2014
  29. The volume of geospatial intelligence data threatens to grow faster than data analysis tools can manage. File

    Taming the geospatial torrent

    Mountains of data are meaningful only with good analysis.

    • Sep 16, 2014
  30. An aerostat is a potential platform for surveillance. File

    Army buys surveillance optics

    Unspecified technology could be related to tethered drones or aerostats.

    • Sep 10, 2014
  31. The Global Hawk UAV has successfully completed tests of maritime capabilties. Northrop Grumman

    Global Hawk demonstrates maritime modes

    UAV shows its relevance to NATO's Arctic and Mediterranean missions.

    • Sep 10, 2014
  32. Vehicle Rehab: Billions have been spent at Anniston Army Depot's Combat Vehicle Repair Facility, which has the capability to overhaul any combat vehicle. US Army

    DoD data in transparency website is incomplete

    Time lag, data gaps make could diminish the site's business intelligence value for contractors.

    • Sep 12, 2014
  33. Work is underway to develop aerial refueling for the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye. Northrop Grumman

    Aerial refueling under design for Advanced Hawkeye

    Needed changes to accommodate the operation include new seats to enhance cockpit field of view, formation lights to avoid collisions, and improved flight control software.

    • Sep 10, 2014
  34. Masked Palestinian militants of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, shown in Gaza City during a rally. DoD is funding research into the dynamics of social contagion. MAHMUD HAMS / AFP/Getty Images

    DoD to fund research into 'social contagion'

    The Minerva Initiative has picked a Cornell University research program as one of its 2014 recipients.

    • Sep 9, 2014
  35. Accenture wins $53 million in Army ERP contracts

    Company will support GFEBS under two separate agreeements.

    • Sep 9, 2014
  36. AUSA 2014 draws near

    The Secretary of the Army has approved the 2014 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition, giving the green light for up to 1,000 attendees from outside the National Capital Region, a larger presence than in 2013.

    • Sep 9, 2014
  37. Satellites in geosynchronous orbit, like the SBIRS GEO-1 satellite shown here, are difficult to repair due to their orbital height of 22,000 miles. Lockheed Martin

    DARPA tries for satellite-fixing robots

    Due to the difficulty of repairs, geosynchronous satellites are designed to operate with no upgrades or maintenance, adding to cost and complexity.

    • Sep 10, 2014
  38. General Dynamics to consolidate business units

    General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems and General Dynamics C4 Systems will combine to become General Dynamics Mission Systems.

    • Sep 9, 2014
  39. LTC Mollie Pearson and LTC Eddie Galarza greet Ministry of National Defense representatives at Industry Day for the Yongsan Relocation Plan/Land Partnership Plan. Army

    Modernizing the future network with Power Projection Enablers

    P2E supports network upgrades at bases around the world.

    • Sep 4, 2014
  40. DARPA wants to remove bandwidth limitations hampering front-line data. DARPA

    DARPA seeks mobile tactical cloud

    Bandwidth limitations hamper data transmission from the front lines.

    • Sep 19, 2014
    DARPA's TransApp suite of apps are aiding soldiers in battle. DARPA

    Soldiers praise DARPA smart phone apps

    Prototype apps are proving to be valuable battlefield tools.

    • Sep 19, 2014
  41. Action CIO Terry Halvorsen is changing relations between DoD components, a colleague says. STAFF / AFP

    Joint Warfighter: Pentagon relationships changing under Halvorsen

    In just four months, the acting CIO has made an impact.

    • Sep 9, 2014
  42. Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall provided some insight into the forthcoming Better Buying Power 3.0. Thomas Brown/Staff

    Kendall: 'Change in direction' for Better Buying Power 3.0

    The initiative's third version, expected soon, will focus on products, innovation and engineering.

    • Sep 8, 2014
  43. The US Army Network Integration Evaluation 14.2, which ended May 22, included a British mechanized brigade headquarters. Nancy JonesBonbrest, PEO C3T

    Pentagon R&D chief to push cost sharing with allies

    International partnerships can drive down the costs of technology development.

    • Sep 12, 2014
  44. 3D modeling artist Ryan Gilley displays some of the products he designed and printed using advanced manufacturing techniques at the Rapid Technologies Branch, US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel sees a great increase in prototyping initiatives. US Army

    DoD turns to prototyping to mitigate budget reductions

    Shorter lead times, design continuity increase efficiencies.

    • Sep 8, 2014
  45. Doug Wiltsie Rob Curtis/Staff

    Welcome from Doug Wiltsie, PEO EIS

    Editor's Note: C4ISR & Networks is proud to produce the 2014 PEO EIS Vision Guide with the cooperation of the Army Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems.

    • Sep 4, 2014
  46. The Belvoir MET installation is comprised of a fixed 12.2-meter antenna reflector assembly and associated SATCOM equipment, including control, monitor and alarm; performance measurement and testing; frequency and time standard; and transmit and receive subsystems. DoD

    DCATS takes the long view

    Improving critical connectivity through a system of systems

    • Sep 4, 2014
  47. Communications specialist Master Sgt. Robert Beveridge participates in joint force, joint component cyber training. Army/Sgt. Zane Craig

    Collaboration is the new normal for networks

    Military partnerships are central to network modernization.

    • Sep 4, 2014
  48. CAPT Erin Velazquez studies a route recon on a tablet during a humanitarian assistance/disaster response exercise. Steven Stubbs/Defense Department

    Army's network plan overhauls strategy along with equipment

    A simple goal becomes a complex undertaking.

    • Sep 4, 2014
  49. Jeremy Hiers

    Jeremy Hiers: Network modernization moves to the enterprise

    Enterprise email was the proof that a broader reach can work, says the PEO EIS project director for enterprise services.

    • Sep 4, 2014

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