L-3 National Security Solutions named American Cyber, based in Clifton, Virginia, one of its Small Businesses of the Year for 2014.

L-3 bestowed the awards during its recent Small Business Conference in Reston, Virginia. American Cyber was named the winner in the Defense Solutions category.

The company was one of four businesses recognized by Les Rose, president of L-3 NSS, for excellence in customer service, business growth, value-added capabilities, and contributions in positioning the companies in new markets in their respective fields.  The other winners were:

  • OST Global, Washington, D.C., Global Solutions category;
  • Academia Language School, Honolulu, Hawaii, Intelligence Solutions;
  • Sullexis, Houston, Texas. Advanced Programs.

American Cyber became an L-3 protégé under the Army DoD Mentor-Protégé Program in early 2014. The program is focused on expanding the industrial base in key industrial sectors, such as cybersecurity, to serve the military's needs.  It encourages large Army contractors to work with eligible small business protégés to develop and enhance their technical and business capabilities, enabling the companies to move  forward as successful providers of quality services, technologies and support to military organizations.

"The Army DoD Mentor-Protégé program is a wonderful avenue for small and large companies to come together to serve the Army's mission needs," said Gary Winkler, president of American Cyber. "All participants are committed to meeting or exceeding the objectives of the three-year plan, which ultimately pay dividends for government customers."