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Navy seeks handheld mission planners

Jun. 18, 2014
PCU Minnesota MWM 20130812
The Navy is interested in battle-planning softwarre for networked handheld devices. (Mike Morones/Staff)

The U.S. Navy wants mission planning software that can run on networked handheld devices.

Current mission planning for activities such as naval air missions rely on Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) laptops. The mission planning process is labor-intensive, requires that data must be manually translated into different formats, and JMPS laptops configured for different aircraft can't communicate with each other, according to the Navy small business innovation research solicitation.

The Navy wants handheld devices that "will not only be used to enter mission plan requirements, but also to receive completed mission plans that could be updated during mission planning and execution as required." If successful, "the overall result of this project would vastly change the mission planning world and significantly improve unit level planning without having to re-code the entire JMPS system."

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