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Rogers takes helm at Cyber Command, NSA

Apr. 10, 2014
VADM Rogers MWM 20130314
Michael Rogers has assumed his command post at NSA and CYBERCOM. (Mike Morones/Navy Times)

ADM Michael Rogers on April 3 stepped up as director of the National Security Agency and commander of U.S. Cyber Command, the dual-hatted position that has been a lightning rod over the past year in the wake of Edward Snowden's security leaks regarding intelligence operations.

After testifying before the Senate in March confirmation hearings, Rogers was sworn in during a ceremony at Ft. Meade, Md., where CYBERCOM and NSA are headquartered.

Rogers highlighted accountability and teamwork, both between government agencies and with other countries, in his comments at the event.

"The most important partnership for all of us will be that between U.S. Cyber Command and the National Security Agency," Rogers said, according to a DoD release. "We need each other to execute our missions. That's why we're together the way we are, that's why we have the structure, and I believe in that structure."

He also called for dialogue with an American public that he said wants to place trust in the government, and emphasized compliance with strict rules to restore trust eroded by national security leaks.

"The key to success, I believe, in the [signals intelligence] and cyber worlds of the 21st century is all about building strong collaboration and being good partners," he said. "There are no shortcuts here, teammates. The nation places its trust in us. It has given us great resources and it counts on us to do the right thing, the right way to defend them."

Rogers succeeds GEN Keith Alexander, who stepped down last month. He previously served as commander of the Navy's 10th Fleet.

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