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IFA 2013 Consumer Electronics Trade Fair
Defense agencies have not fully embraced mobile devices due to security concerns. (Sean Gallup / Getty Images)

The Defense Information Systems Agency’s work with other Defense Department components to develop an enterprise-wide mobile device network could help address longstanding concerns about mobile devices, according to Daniel Risacher, associate director of enterprise services and integration at DoD.

The department has struggled with the security issues of mobile devices while recognizing how transformational the technology can be if harnessed safely, he said, speaking at the Adobe Digital Government Assembly earlier this month.

“There is lots of promise, but lots of challenges remain in the defense and intelligence space,” Risacher said.

Daniel Doney, chief innovation officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency, told the audience that he trades his smartphone for an agency-issued one-way pager each morning when he arrives at work.

Though an attack on a mobile device network is improbable it is still possible and prevents the agency from fully embracing mobile devices, he said. However, the DIA is making progress in incorporating mobile devices into its operations to help recruit younger federal workers and to boost productivity.

“We are right on the verge of being able to crack that nut,” Doney said.

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