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UK deploys new GEOINT system

Jan. 22, 2014

Tranche 1 of Britain's Field Deployable GEOINT, which provides geospatial intelligence, has reached initial operating capability, according to Lockheed Martin.

Now Lockheed and its partners will move into Tranche 2A, which will provide additional FDG systems, a Forward Map Distribution Point and a further Tactical Map Distribution Points capability. FDG is part of the PICASSO program aimed at providing tactical mapping, digital geographic information and imagery intelligence.

FDG delivers a data centric, GEOINT management, discovery, dissemination and exploitation capability that addresses the deployable requirements of the UKs Joint Force Intelligence Group (JFIG), including the provision of mobile and maneuverable working environments at the tactical level," according to a Lockheed Martin news release.

FDG includes a fleet of 11 Tactical Information and Geospatial Analysis systems, a two-man intelligence collection and GEOINT analysis team working in a container mounted on MOWAG Duro II 6x6 vehicles. Three more vehicle containers are equipped as two-man TDMPs.

This UK-designed and -built system, using [commercial off the shelf] software, elevates the collection, dissemination and effectiveness of geospatial intelligence on the battlefield to a new level," said Andy Hannam, a director of Lockheed Martin UK Information Systems and Global Solutions. "There is already strong overseas interest in the technology from Europe, the Americas and the Far East."

Lockheed Martin is working on FDG as the prime contractor of Team SOCRATES, which includes Lockheed Martin UK, Marshall Specialist Vehicles, SCISYS, Actica Consulting, KNK and Polaris Consulting and Safety Assurance Services.


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