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Airbus unveils IED jammers

May 1, 2014
US Marine Sergeant Anthony Zabala of 1st
Airbus has a new IED jammer that combines signals intelligence with IED jamming. (MANPREET ROMANA / AFP/Getty Images)

Airbus has unveiled a new generation of IED jammers during demonstrations in an unspecified northern European country.

The new jammers combine signals intelligence with IED jamming. "This means that intelligence systems, which detect and evaluate hostile radio traffic, now combine the ability to produce targeted jamming signals for defined frequencies," said an Airbus news release. "Previously, this required dedicated equipment which was not very mobile, and required a lot of power and space."

Airbus has also developed smart responsive jamming, "which detects ignition signals in a fraction of a second and, in contrast to conventional jamming techniques, targets just the frequency of the hostile signal."

The demonstrations were conducted under extreme winter weather conditions.

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